Responding when we flipped our Lid

When we are ‘triggered’ – in a few seconds we can become overreactive, and instead of being a reasonable being we ‘flip our lid’. Dr. Daniel Siegel ~ Flipping Your lid – Hand Model Dan Siegel explains how we can create soothing Neurotransmitters to help the ‘downstairs brain’ Name it to tame it by Dan Siegel   JusTme – D.F.Y.L (Don’t Flip Yo’ Lid)   Mindfulness Challenge Day 8- Name it to tame it! From about 8;45 min onward there is a guided mindfulness exercise The SuperBetter Game (created by Jane McGonigal, PH.D.)has lots of quests to build emotional, social, mental … Continue reading Responding when we flipped our Lid


Being in charge of what we feel and think

pink-elephantWhen we experiencing uncomfortable feelings or unpleasant thoughts it would be great if we could redirect our attention/focus.

In the book SuperBetter Jane McGonigal is giving a simple thing we can do.

After she writes about research, where patients with severe burns managed to block out the pain by playing a video game, Jane suggest to not think about a pink elephant.

Then she says for a minute to think of as many words starting with the letters ‘P’ and ‘E’.
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