Responding when we flipped our Lid

When we are ‘triggered’ – in a few seconds we can become overreactive, and instead of being a reasonable being we ‘flip our lid’. Dr. Daniel Siegel ~ Flipping Your lid – Hand Model Dan Siegel explains how we can create soothing Neurotransmitters to help the ‘downstairs brain’ Name it to tame it by Dan Siegel   JusTme – D.F.Y.L (Don’t Flip Yo’ Lid)   Mindfulness Challenge Day 8- Name it to tame it! From about 8;45 min onward there is a guided mindfulness exercise The SuperBetter Game (created by Jane McGonigal, PH.D.)has lots of quests to build emotional, social, mental … Continue reading Responding when we flipped our Lid

Jane McGonigal creator of SuperBetter

Appreciation for Jane McGonigal creator of SuperBetter

Jane McGonigal creator of SuperBetterFeeling good and better is something that most people want.

I appreciate the research and work Jane McGonigal has put into trying to help people with feeling better. In the hope to inspire more people I am writing this post.
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Being in charge of what we feel and think

pink-elephantWhen we experiencing uncomfortable feelings or unpleasant thoughts it would be great if we could redirect our attention/focus.

In the book SuperBetter Jane McGonigal is giving a simple thing we can do.

After she writes about research, where patients with severe burns managed to block out the pain by playing a video game, Jane suggest to not think about a pink elephant.

Then she says for a minute to think of as many words starting with the letters ‘P’ and ‘E’.
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