Responding when we flipped our Lid

When we are ‘triggered’ – in a few seconds we can become overreactive, and instead of being a reasonable being we ‘flip our lid’. Dr. Daniel Siegel ~ Flipping Your lid – Hand Model Dan Siegel explains how we can create soothing Neurotransmitters to help the ‘downstairs brain’ Name it to tame it by Dan Siegel   JusTme – D.F.Y.L (Don’t Flip Yo’ Lid)   Mindfulness Challenge Day 8- Name it to tame it! From about 8;45 min onward there is a guided mindfulness exercise The SuperBetter Game (created by Jane McGonigal, PH.D.)has lots of quests to build emotional, social, mental … Continue reading Responding when we flipped our Lid

Wings of Awareness

Mindfulness and Heartfulness Wings of Awareness

Wings of Awareness – Mindfulness and Heartfulness

Wings of AwarenessThe intention for sharing the notes I took from the audio by Tara Brach  is to inspire people to listen to her talk which also contains stories, humor and short practices to raise awareness and apply mindfulness.

Notes from Mindfulness & Heartfulness Audio:

“If we are suffering we are living in a small sense of who we are

We each have the capacity of mindfulness and heartfulness  >>> to wake up from that identy and

gain a glimmer of and gain more and more trust of

who we really are – the larger sense of our being
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Resourcing for when we feel fear

 FearThe intention of this post is to share some ‘tidbits’ of the audio below to inspire people to listen to the talk.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more people would be able to be present to their fears in this mindful way?

Tara Brach eleborates in such an easy understandable way on  the short notes (and much more) I took from the (more than an hour) talk below. Continue reading “Resourcing for when we feel fear”

Stress may help us to be who we are reallly meant to be

Two audios in which Tara Brach talks about Stress and Nirvana

NirvanaTara Brach combines in these 2 Audios below insightful information with stories, humor and short mindful practices  to apply what she talks about.

You will also find more helpful suggestion by Tara on how to apply mindfulness during your day. Continue reading “Stress may help us to be who we are reallly meant to be”


Healing our Unworthiness by facing our inner Dragons

EmotionsHealing difficult emotions and restoring Worthiness

Investigating my thoughts and feeling around the undercurrents of unworthiness, realizing I felt I didn’t deserve/wasn’t worth the good things/life lead me to search for Audios on Tara Brach’s website.

Here is the introduction to one of the  audios I found:

“The trance of unworthiness is sustained by our aversion to the dragons – the difficult emotions and related behaviors that are a deeply conditioned part of the human experience. In this talk we explore the awakening that is possible as we recognize our reactive patterns and instead of judgment, offer a loving and healing presence.” Tara Brach

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