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The Game and Quests on SuperBetter

SuperBetterSuperBetter is a (different kind of) Game.

Overcoming Challenges is what the quests are all about.

Playing SuperBetter for 30 days improves mood, reduces symptoms of anxiety & depression and increases belief in the ability to successfully achieve goals.

Results from a randomized controlled study conducted by The University of Pennsylvania

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Resourcing for when we feel fear

 FearThe intention of this post is to share some ‘tidbits’ of the audio below to inspire people to listen to the talk.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more people would be able to be present to their fears in this mindful way?

Tara Brach eleborates in such an easy understandable way on  the short notes (and much more) I took from the (more than an hour) talk below. Continue reading “Resourcing for when we feel fear”

Stress may help us to be who we are reallly meant to be

Two audios in which Tara Brach talks about Stress and Nirvana

NirvanaTara Brach combines in these 2 Audios below insightful information with stories, humor and short mindful practices  to apply what she talks about.

You will also find more helpful suggestion by Tara on how to apply mindfulness during your day. Continue reading “Stress may help us to be who we are reallly meant to be”