Responding when we flipped our Lid

Image result for flipping your lid brainWhen we are ‘triggered’ – in a few seconds we can become overreactive, and instead of being a reasonable being we ‘flip our lid’.

Dr. Daniel Siegel ~ Flipping Your lid – Hand Model

Dan Siegel explains how we can create soothing Neurotransmitters to help the ‘downstairs brain’

Name it to tame it by Dan Siegel


JusTme – D.F.Y.L (Don’t Flip Yo’ Lid)


Mindfulness Challenge Day 8- Name it to tame it! From about 8;45 min onward there is a guided mindfulness exercise

The SuperBetter Game (created by Jane McGonigal, PH.D.)has lots of quests to build emotional, social, mental and physical resilience.

Find out more about the SuperBetter game here.

Tara Brach has an interesting free Audio (you can download this to your PC) on this subject called  Learning to Respond not React

Image Credit: The Three Main Parts Of Your Brain by Dr. Russ Harris on You Tube


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