Being in charge of what we feel and think

pink-elephantWhen we experiencing uncomfortable feelings or unpleasant thoughts it would be great if we could redirect our attention/focus.

In the book SuperBetter Jane McGonigal is giving a simple thing we can do.

After she writes about research, where patients with severe burns managed to block out the pain by playing a video game, Jane suggest to not think about a pink elephant.

Then she says for a minute to think of as many words starting with the letters ‘P’ and ‘E’.

Try this. Did you think about a pink elephant when you did it? Oops, now do another minute, just kidding. (but you could and I am sure you benefit from it)

It seems like an easy way to focus on something away from what is not pleasant.Tetris

The same chapter also covers how and why playing Tetris in the first six hours after a traumatic event prevents Post Traumatic Stress.

Digital games can be used to control cravings. On Page 39 in Quest 7 “play a pattern matching game like Tetris for three minutes. Do this, and you will be much better able to successfully resist your craving.”

Super Better the book is full of interesting research – well, interesting is an understatement, it is very, very fascinating – and easy to read. There is lots of research info on Jane McGonigal’s website. 

I understand now more about what the game SuperBetter is based on and I only just started to read the book.

Another post about Tetris and the effect on the brain.

Image Credit: pink elephant on Pixabay by Clker


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