SuperBetter symbols

Simply connected A SuperBetter Quest Sample

SuperBetter symbols
SuperBetter is a Game which helps to build emotional, mental, physical and social resilience.
You choose which area you want to work on with a quest and you can personalise your quests, even create your own.
One of the ‘Power Packs’ on SuperBetter is ‘Simply Connected’
 Below are the names of the Quests:
  •  Welcome to Simply Connected!
  • How Connected Do You Feel?
  • Start With a Smile
  • Make a Match
  • Advanced Chit Chat, Part I
  • Advanced Chit Chat, Part II
  • Gratitude: It’s Not a Dirty Word
  • Modern Chivalry
  • A Pocketful of Jokes
  • Let’s Take This Offline
  • Go Go Curiosity!
  • Pump Up the Jam
  • Give Yourself a Dose of Awe
  • You’re Simply Connected: Congratulations!

It also has 5 ‘Power ups’ and 3 ‘Bad Guys and a ‘Science Card’ (which explains the Science) connected to the quest.

You can create your own quests and other items to make itmore personalized.

To find other Quests you
Power Packscan click on the ‘Power Packs symbol next to the power-pack-symbol-2‘Secret Lab‘. (the words Power pack will appear as you hover your mouse on the symbol)

Join the SuperBetter Game for free.

Here is an Introduction to SuperBetter

You can have the support from Allies on your quests.

How to support your allies


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