Wings of Awareness

Mindfulness and Heartfulness Wings of Awareness

Wings of Awareness – Mindfulness and Heartfulness

Wings of AwarenessThe intention for sharing the notes I took from the audio by Tara Brach  is to inspire people to listen to her talk which also contains stories, humor and short practices to raise awareness and apply mindfulness.

Notes from Mindfulness & Heartfulness Audio:

“If we are suffering we are living in a small sense of who we are

We each have the capacity of mindfulness and heartfulness  >>> to wake up from that identy and

gain a glimmer of and gain more and more trust of

who we really are – the larger sense of our being

we all have external and internal prisons

What’s the identy that we are living in??

How do we bring the two wings of
mindfulness and heartfulness
to reconnect with that spirit?

We are designed to forget, to get narrowed and get limited

…. that suffering can your wake up to deep attention to the two wings

the more our parents have unmet needs of being loved and being seen the less they are able to love and see us

when we are not seen in our realness we stop paying attention to what is there and instead we adopt an identity that will meet others approval – we abandon ourselves

We got the sense that we needed to be different so we stopped being in touch with what really is here and what needs  attention

Whatever we are not paying attention to is really a bind in our identity

So, if there is an unmet need, if there is a sense that I don’t really matter to someone else, I am not special, we are not really paying attention; or if there is loneliness or worst fear >> That fear of loneliness and that lack of importance that shapes our identity, that’s deep down a sense of who we are   >>> so we take on strategies to be better ( the space suit self)

The stronger the unmet need the stronger the false refuge , , , so we get addicted (self soothing strategies)

The internal way we imprison ourselves is by buying into and identity that’s small – identifying with the wanting self, the fearing self, the judging self
in order to open beyond it we need to activate the two wings
we see what’s happening that’s the wing of Mindfulness and
bring kindness and compassion to it – the wing of Heartfulness
Mindfulness – really understanding of what is going on  Heartfulness – that’s the care that we bring to the moment

 How is the spirit shining through this being?

we can bring  the two wings to the place were we are stuck were the sense of our identity is small

hold the vision of who they really are”

That Bird Got My Wings – Mindfulness & Heartfulness  57:27 min Audio by Tara Brach

Original Image from Pixabay


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