Healing our Unworthiness by facing our inner Dragons

EmotionsHealing difficult emotions and restoring Worthiness

Investigating my thoughts and feeling around the undercurrents of unworthiness, realizing I felt I didn’t deserve/wasn’t worth the good things/life lead me to search for Audios on Tara Brach’s website.

Here is the introduction to one of the  audios I found:

“The trance of unworthiness is sustained by our aversion to the dragons – the difficult emotions and related behaviors that are a deeply conditioned part of the human experience. In this talk we explore the awakening that is possible as we recognize our reactive patterns and instead of judgment, offer a loving and healing presence.” Tara Brach

Below are some notes I made from the talk:

“When we deepen our capacity for kind presence as we experience uncomfortable emotions then they  don’t confine our sense of who we are.

Here is the poem  by Rainer Maria Rilke mentioned in the talk:

“Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us act, just once, with beauty and courage. Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”

Notes from Dragons to Shmoos Meeting Live with compassionate Presence Audio by Tara BrachShmoo

Dragon“When we are able to face our own dragons/ fears we stop projecting ‘badness’ onto others.

Hope for peace on earth.

How do we bring kindness to our fears and other unpleasant emotions?

“I see you Mara (challenging emotions of the Buddha) come and lets have tea”

really feeling what is there

Tara’s experience on a retreat revealed Self-aversion
fear of being unlovable
longing to feel loved

The longing is Love calling us home


1 ~  See the the dragon – Sacred Pause – Saying Yes (you can be here)

2 ~  Investigate feel in the body where the energy lives

and go deeper and underneath

we find something vulnerable, something that needs our love

Prayer is the brigde between longing and belonging

when we feel the longing we start to feel that love

Love and forgiveness of self-judgement

trying to improve – it doesn’t work

Moving from ‘I am the dragon, I hate the dragon’ to the space of presence and compassion.”

From Dragons to Shmoos Meeting Live with compassionate Presence 54:36 min Audio by Tara Brach  Listen online or download for free

A Schmoo is a guy that is cute according to the Online Slang Dictionary 

Photo credit of the Shmoo: Time Warp Toys
Photo credit for Dragon: Pixabay

Photo credit for Emotion Wheels: Wikipedia Commons


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