Being true to myself

Seeing past the mask a free Audio by Tara Brach

Soul Recognition a free Audio by Tara Brach

In this post are a few notes I took when I listened to the audio.

You can download the audio below for free or listen to it online.

Tara Brach weaves humor and great stories into the ‘points’ she is making.


“What is between me and really feeling happy feeling at home?

When we are not feeling at  home  we are fixated on the belief that:

Something is wrong
Something is wrong with me
something is wrong with you
In a story Tara tells, King Arthur has to find out what it is that women most desire to regain his freedom.
Ignoring the truth of who we really are is  the
cause of suffering.

Sovereignty is the freedom to be who we truly are

Soul recognition  ~ Seeing past the mask
seeing past our ‘ego conditioning’
Training to seeing which Tara divides into
three domains:
1 ~  pause enough to see the vulnerability and our compassion wakes up
2  ~ see the goodness and beauty
3  ~ see the quality of beingness – consciousness itself
Remember who we are and live from that.
Suffering is optional.
We have a choice
What matters is how we relate to what is happening
Awareness is waking up
More presence
Intention to recognize your and others soul
3 ways to bring attention
What is really here/ what do I feel/think

Who is really here?

One example Tara Brach gives in this audio is how a father of a son who has ADHD changed the relationship with his son with meditation and found a way toward connecting.

“May you be free to be who you really are” – a prayer Tara used for her.
Being true to myself
Remember and trust who others are.
I see the divine in you.
It starts with the capacity to see ourselves.
At the end is a guided ‘meditation’ for practicing soul recognition.
Soul Recognition  ~ Seeing past the mask 54:34 min Audio by Tara Brach

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